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Kombucha 12 Pack - Ginger Lime

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We believe we have perfected THE FINEST TASTING KOMBUCHA IN THE WORLD, Light, Refreshing and low in sugar. We use a proprietary blend of premium-sourced green tea that is lovingly craft brewed. Naturally flavored from the fresh juice of organic limes and a touch of organic ginger. Described by many as energy boosting and stimulating to the senses.. For years Floridas Finest Kombucha was only available on tap from kegs , as this insured our customers enjoyed only the best fresh taste and probiotic goodness. We now have perfected a method to deliver the same great taste and complete probiotics in the convenience of 12 oz. cans. And it stays fresh without the need to for refrigeration. The recyclable can is great to have on the go, poolside, at the beach, at the gym, or on the boat. Fill your cooler with a healthy alternative to energy drinks, soda, water, mixers or sugary sports drinks.