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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

Phosphagen 500g - Exotic Fruit Punch

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Hi-Tech Phosphagen is a bodybuilding and performance-boosting product that aims to increase muscular performance and power. Its unique selling point is that it offers a blend of different forms of creatine mixed with beta alanine and a creatine analogue called guanidinopropionic acid.

Key Benefits of Phosphagen:

  • Supports Muscle Growth
  • Helps Increase Protein Synthesis
  • Promotes Greater Cell Volumization
  • Helps Increase Muscular Energy
  • Helps Reduce Muscle Fatigue
  • Helps Accelerate Muscle Recovery
  • Helps Increase Nitrogen Retention

What is Phosphagen?

In one phrase, "A Pure Creatine Complex."

To expand, Phosphagen incorporates ingredients that create a synergistic effect with creatine by enhancing the creatine uptake by delaying the onset of muscular fatigue during intense muscle contractions. This helps to increase the absorption of creatine of which Phosphagen contains 4 different types, creatine nitrate, disodium creatine phosphate tetrahydrate, creatine phosphate, and creatine HCl. This all helps to enhance protein synthesis, promote greater muscle cell volumization, increase energy and muscle growth, and reduce muscle fatigue and recovery times.