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Pump Probiotic 60c

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FINAFLEX PUMP PROBIOTIC is the Next Generation in Blood Flow and Nitric Oxide (N.O.) Support Supplementation. Featuring a unique Sequential Dual Stage Delivery Technology separates PUMP PROBIOTIC from other Pump products on the market today. Stage 1 is a Nitric Oxide Support Matrix that features the 1-2 punch of HydroGlycerine2 and S73, two NO boosting powerhouses that increase blood flow to muscles. Stage 2 is powered by proBIOTIC 10B4, a blend of robust targeted probiotic cultures that support increased muscle pump and muscular endurance. Unlike other probiotic formulas that get destroyed in the stomach, the PUMP PROBIOTIC Sequential Dual Stage Delivery Technology ensures that the proBIOTIC 10B Matrix is delivered to the small intestine, maximizing uptake and absorption. Use PUMP PROBIOTIC daily to help you REDEFINE YOURSELF.