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RawFusion Complete - Chocolate, 10 Servings

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RAWFUSION COMPLETE is a genuine whole-food nutrition fortified with 21 grams of powerful plant-based proteins that are an ideal choice whether you're a strict vegetarian or you're searching for the most nutritious and delicious meal replacement available. The 18 grams of low-glycemic carbs and all-natural sweeteners in RAWFUSION COMPLETE deliver scrumptious taste and energy-sustaining nutrition with 6 grams of fiber and a high Omega-3 fatty acid content that keep you satisfied and well nourished until your next meal. Our custom plant-based digestive enzyme matrix ensures that you utilize the full spectrum of organic superfoods and 100% natural vitamin-mineral blend. On top of the fully-balanced nutrition, RAWFUSION COMPLETE also includes 12 organic superfoods, including the powerful antioxidant and recovery powerhouse Tart Cherry and the unique and delicious superfood Baobab which helps boost immune and nervous system health while restoring electrolytes and revitalizing energy. Made with only natural ingredients and no synthetic products to derail your healthy nutrition plan, RAWFUSION COMPLETE delivers an incredible-tasting, high protein, fully-balanced, whole-food meal in an ultra-convenient, easy-to-blend drink mix.