About US

This new marketplace is not just a place for buying your supplements at a great rate, but the core of STSFit.com is a collection of articles written by top industry writers that are meant to guide your fitness journey. The archive includes workout ideas, motivational videos, nutrition help, and many protein-infused recipes that will boost any athletic endeavor. Whether you’re bulking, cutting, or just trying to get fit, STSFit.com has articles that will help you work out effectively to see results.

STSFit.com is built to be a community of athletes and Its cornerstone is built on a working relationships with some of the best names in the fitness industry such as Rich Gaspari, Berry DeMey, and Lee Labrada. We’re working with legends like these to create quality articles – stories about their beginnings, their career highs, and even recommendations on workout exercises and supplements. As STSFit.com grows, we expect to attract more legends who can offer more advice to fitness fans from any sport.

The brand is built around people who understand the fitness industry and know exactly what the body needs to grow to peak performance. The people who use and love STSFit.com include bodybuilders, performance athletes, college athletes, trainers and fitness enthusiasts. That means that STSFit.com is trusted to get the job done by professionals around the country. Whether you’re an aspiring bodybuilder, top collegiate athlete or a fitness enthusiast determined to conquer your goals, you’ll find the information and supplements you need at STSFit.com.

Our Team

Dean Caputo

Dean is a co-founder of STSFit. He brings many years of experience in the bodybuilding and fitness industry. Dean is also the owner of Dean Caputo’s Powerhouse Gym.

Chris Longo

Chris is the other co-founder of STSFit. An avid gym-goer himself, Chris brings the experience of owning and operating multiple other businesses with him.


Paul Galloway

Director of Operations - Paul oversees all integrations with third-parties like Amazon, Walmart, runs our supply chain management and all large operations.





Erin Gulling

Marketing and graphic art manager. Erin is hard at work creating the branding and design for STSFit.com and STS, the coming-soon supplement brand.